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The goal of WTW Associates is to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our philosophy is personal involvement every step of the way in order to find the most qualified candidates. Our credibility and success have been based on performance, commitment to the highest standards of excellence, thoroughness and integrity.

Media, Entertainment & Technology

The convergence of media, communications and technology has revolutionized the Entertainment and Media industries. Many of our clients in the worlds of music, film, cable television and digital entertainment are leaders in their industries and have been ahead of the curve in developing products and distribution systems for the digital market. Through our work with senior management of these organizations, we have gained unique insight into the extraordinary array of issues faced by executives transitioning from traditional operations to technology-driven businesses. Our experience in conducting searches for senior positions for corporate and line management has taught us the importance of identifying candidates who are facile at bridging traditional markets, products and distribution channels with rapidly emerging new technologies.

  • We have successfully recruited senior entertainment executives worldwide, which has given us unique insight into the extraordinary array of issues faced by multimedia organizations today.
  • We have extensive experience conducting searches in the industries from which New Media companies seek to draw talented executives - film, television, recorded music, cable and publishing.


Media, Entertainment & Technology Clients:

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