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The goal of WTW Associates is to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our philosophy is personal involvement every step of the way in order to find the most qualified candidates. Our credibility and success have been based on performance, commitment to the highest standards of excellence, thoroughness and integrity.

Law Firm & Professional Services

Consolidations, globalization, practice specialization, demands for improved efficiency and profitability, the increase in technological intensity have all placed non-traditional demands on law and professional services firms. In this environment firms recognize that they need not only top caliber professional talent, but top flight marketing, financial and business management talent as well. While the need for new skills and business excellence is great, the executives who bring them must also be mindful of the traditional mission and practices of professional firms to be effective.

WTW's wide experience in this industry gives it particular strength to identify and hire executives who meet these requirements.  

  • We have recruited senior administrative executives nationally for over 18 years giving us unique insight into the array of issues faced by law and professional firms today.
  • We have put our expertise to work for ''Leadership Clients'' in firms which range in size from 300 to 3000+ attorneys and professionals and enjoy dominant market positions.
  • We understand the professional background and personal style and temperament that can be predictors for success of an executive within a law firm or professional service firm.


Law and Professional Services Clients:

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